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Garry Leonard

Wednesday January2109 Essence existence experience experienceExistentialism began in france began in paris y gadot is whatever you think you have to position your fiction of coherence y How should we live o Who are we think therefore i am descartes o Thinking is one modality of exsisting its not equivalent o Therefore doesnt quite scan if you look quite closely introduce entirely new conscious issue of proof thinking arises from existinghe mythologizes the question y You dont think that much when you are happy thats why they are annoying y You dont think until you have a reason y You displace answer on something that is evenly proved y A fact is a maker so you could find your position again 4 is a manipulation of position like all mathematics they can be complex and have predictive capabilities y Myth to position facts requires myth to set up rules of positionality myths of origins to count to zero or functions to zero so if you add 1 to that its 2 You need a position something to part from and return too y After explosion of atomic bombs o Their rights are taken away and vladamir does not say they took it from us but we gave them away we referring to humanity o Scientific thinking is one way of thinkingThe more you question yourself of being thats when dictators come in and take over false certitude becomes seductive government
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