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Hey guys, I took Leonards class last year. He teaches basically the same thing, so I hope this helps!!

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

ENGA11Fact v article of faithfact agreeable on article of faithcan only sustain by believing in it Beginning with faith and trying to move the facts moving from what you believe to what you knowIf it can be proven then it does not require faithFaith is inconceivable without doubt you cannot believe what you cannot doubt if you cant doubt it then you dont need faith to believe it its a factDoubt is at least as important in faith as believe as belief is the dialogue between what you believe and what you doubtFaith in anything yourself your partnerA10 The idea that something above us understood the chaos that surrounded us in tha crucial belief doubt is on the ascendisies throughout the 20 centuryDoubt comes into greater providencethe more we know t he less we understandKnowing is not the same as believing knowing can influence your choices on a day to day basis yet it doesnt offer you any real information on what your life meansKnowing helps you decide what to do believing is who you are as you are not what you know but what you believeWho you are guides your choices on who you should be doing and being are not the same thingThe world of doing not the world of being making the right choicesWhat you do is what you do in a given choice what you do is a specific interaction whilst who you are is a cumulativeDislocation between who you are
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