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Hey guys, I took Leonards class last year. He teaches basically the same thing, so I hope this helps!!

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

ENGA11 January 19 2011 Do you have an essence from which your existence comes forth Or is there no such thing as essenceWhat is your default page What happens when you freeze when your functions arent workingIdeology is a lot like a software running program it allows you to organize according to the way your software is designedScience doesnt discover anything but itself methodology is needed in order to discover there is only the uncoveringWe are what we discover and what we discover is us we are our discoveries inventions They are our mirrors and reflect back to us what we dont recognize about our selfScience is objectivitysubjectivity is always somewhere in the objective discourse of scienceScience is always correcting itself all of its conclusions are temporaryScience is the major discourse of our time and it is the closest thing we have to faith we replace faith with science Faith is a fine invention when gentleman can see but microscopes are prudent in an emergencytherefore science is our new faith our new belief systemIdeology only functions well when you arent aware of it Re Buzzlight YearOne you know an ideology you see the difference between your life and your circumstances and then things fall
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