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Hey guys, I took Leonards class last year. He teaches basically the same thing, so I hope this helps!!

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Garry Leonard

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Lec 3 The awareness of being brought on by an absence of doing yet in the absence of doing which is essentially waiting we become aware of beingwhat is it to be Yet what is it to be is never answered by what we doBecket is asking us to stop deferring long enough to understand that we deferBurrowing more desperately into doing making us busier and it is an addicting spiraling behavior so that one can get as far away from themselves as possibleWe are not where we wanna beHow can we be We can only be now and if who we are depends on what we do now yet we arent doing what we want to do then how are we to be The MythsMyths of Modernity progress efficiency perfection satisfaction and innovation All are myths as they are deferral systems we are not as efficient as we should be as perfect as we should beetc The Pepsi generation as we are not yet satisfied All myths make existence tolerable as all promise that any problem being dealt with will be resolvedThe solutions offer do not solve the problems but are the problems myths that generate the problem not bring you to the solution They create the problems to begin withWaiting for Godot the only thing that happens is the tree growing Systems seek universal The suitcase of sand Lucky not being when he gives his speech he can barely look up or do anythingThe suitcase Lucky carries that is filled with sand why is he carrying itWhy does Lucky put down the sand and why is it filled with sand and if it is filled with sand why does he not put it down But one is missing the point as how many of us are weighed down by something we cannot unpack Think of your GPA as it is a suitcase filled with sand that we cannot put down Nike work hard play hard or Ill kill you Gum view notes Gum is the perfect metaphor for modernity as you can chew it and you can chew it forever and you seek satisfaction yet you are always disappointed View notes Efficiency is always sold to us as something that will save us time yet you end up with less but we adjust Email seems very efficient yet everyone expects you to answer in 3 seconds now there is texting you being asked to do more with less by less
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