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Hey guys, I took Leonards class last year. He teaches basically the same thing, so I hope this helps!!

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Garry Leonard

ENGA11 March 9 2011The Blue Rock and Roll so onThe Bluest Eye Wanting the bluest eyes Blonde white skin blue eyes and the Blues itself African American gospel soul spiritual musicCultural RoutesHomelessnessth 20 century as a period of existential homelessness no one was ever at home it was a refuge of constant interHome has become a seamless connection to out there as if to say that you are not really at home anymore not only are you not at home when your television is on but it is not entirely your home as it is the banksEvacuate the local and connect to the Global the local by the globalIndustrial Revolutionlabor intensive a direct relation between workers and productsThe ratio between workers and the cost Facebook 2000 works v being worth 50mil The capacity to move resources around the globe requires less and less people unemployment is built into the system and will begin to get worse as there is simply less people neededWall Street no longer necessary as now computers are doing it it is not like a sightseeing kind of placeRadical move has changed society in terms of the bluest eye and homelessness one of the fears of all the characters within the town
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