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Garry Leonard

Key themes Lecture 1Loss of transcendental certitude you have a crisis of realityy In earlier times you did not have to understand what was happening because it was thought to be done by divinity But you did know that whatever there was was righty Transcendental certitude is a belief in something that cannot be topped What you believe in doesnt matter as long as you have faith in something that cannot be surpassedy You didnt really have to understand on where you stood y Everything was good but it depended on the faith you believed in y If you sin the soul darkens if your forgiven the soul lightens y When you have TC you are strongly bound to your center If your center is God you have a good sense of direction in your lifey In Age of anxiety which is the current age our center seems to have been distorted It is occupied by materialistic things which cannot keep us aligned with our realityy An example would be that of the hip hop and pop culture they crave for fame and money Fame and money becomes their center but what happens when they achieve all what they want They become anxious They start having conflicts with their reality which mostly results in them being involved with drugs These drugs make them numb so they dont have to deal with their reality It temporarily tackles their anxietyy The drugs become addictions Addiction is something you must keep on doing Ritual is the opposite of addiction it is not done to make a person numb but instead to strengthen his bond with his realitycenterPrice vs Value y Your price is not your value that is what people think of you but not what you are actually worth y Your price is what you can get as a product of exchange y Your value is what you can do y Problem of loss of TC is that we dont know how to set the valuethe value in the absence of TC could be really weak It is relational rather than hierarchical ie not determined by relationship with sacred but rather compared to things that it is surrounded with We tend to evaluate things based on their appearancey Stock market is recent invention where things are viable to relationship to another things y The value is no longer intrinsic but rather it is based on other thingsy The problem is whats behind the appearance is anything behind the appearance what if there is nothing behind the appearance What if there is no intrinsic value anywhere Where is the intrinsic value then We are in a comparative world which masks the degree of value to that y We know the price of everything and the value of nothing
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