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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Martin Leonard

thFebruary 25English The Bell Jar Finding Godot Miguel street were after WWII and trying to figure out what to do The essence out of which what we are to gfure what to do in life Extentialism essence proseeds existence thTurn of the 20 century we have the shift from thrological to the psychological Used to have a god now u have a super ego If you used to have an essence that proceeds existence now you have the id The ego is the executive that trys to make peace with the id and peace with the superego Your consciousness is a compromise formation btw the urges and ur reasoning The ego is the dominant force its primary how ur functionawake The ego is the effect of trying to balance ur urges and reasoning If you completely give over to the id ie u cant proceed others everything exists to gratify you everything is an extention of yourself When you meake the theological to psychological If you look at Dr Jakel and Hydeyou are securalizing formally sacrd termswhen youve make the theological to the psychological youve removed the assurance of the transcendent border thats supposed to over see things When you securlarize you remove the transcendent When you removed the transcendent you remove a chronic insertitude There is nothing above and beyond that interupptable and inviolableall these theorlogical notions that we pray to or confess to or what not is not there anymore You basically lose the myth of the transcending The 21th centurntry has not only secularized theology of God and soul and evil Dr Jekyll in order to get ride of the urges you become pure urge or Mr Hyde Dr Jekyll discovers that he is much more alive as Dr Hydemore adventurous When you look at WWII you see Mr Hyde emerge at the heart of technology Technology seems as the triuph of reasoning the triumph of objectivity Like Jekyll hyde we keep asking technology to save us from our own urges And we keep acting like there is no fiction in science All science fiction is doing is putting the fiction back in science So science knows no bounds cuz it preseeves itself as pure rationality objectivitywhich is more dangers thatn being aware of subjectivity Is you feel that youve eliminated ur subjectivity then you have no reason to check on it You are letting your Hyde run a muck cuz youre not keeping track of him because you claimed that youve eliminated him In WWII to kill was like an assembly line There were train tracks that lead to a place where they killed you The shock that the science was used so effectively to kill and the reationlaity and reasoning murderous urge could exist together and of no knowledge of each other Genocide is now dangers cuz you have technical capacity tokill millions Technology has ampliphied the effect of using our rage to kill Technology also has done good as well If you move from the theological tot eh psychological you is going to be your God thWhat is the transcendent force now in te 20 century its technology Technology is our redeemer All problems are solved by technology Nature is a thing to be usedthis is the heart of technology Technology is thus a way of thinking Its not a gadget
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