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White noiseOne of the major things we look at is the illusion of progress and the conflation of progress nad wisdom The consistent attempt of seening tech advancement is simulatnesous with the incresase of wissdom we loooked at humanity and techniolgy We asked what is it to be human a question worthy to be asked since WWII all the definition of humanity rested on the assumption was that humans are humane With Holocaust and Hiroshima it really broke the assumption of humans being humaneit was challeneged not broken We look at teh end of the beginning the beginnings myths of orgiins are all falling apart and are exposed as narratives The power and effect of relshipship which is where aer u situation with in the myth of origin with your culture In miguel street it was seperated Dominante discource is the myth that is best connected to teh MoO THe MoO of our time is scientific discourse It emerged at the same tiem that religious discourse retreated ie at its expense This mapped out our place wiithin the wrold Technology is secular White noise erases the line between religiion adn science in the search for what it is to be human scientific stuffstill participates superstition and in magic and faith or soscience emerged from magic Science was called alchemy back then the search of how to turn lead into gold was a research proeject in the middle ages Science over time tuned itsself away from magic Technology thosworks like magic Henrich say hopw many of you know how o fix anything that u own like ur caomputer or so they just work like magic How do you then know that it is not magic Engineers are magicians How many of you prayed to your car in the morning please please start now please ill do anything All day long ur surrondded by thigs of faithie technology the gods are too distant my god has turned his back and Ive lost my data the computer can store everything so there is no need to remember anything Future shop is like a voodoo connection White noise is suggesting that in the middle of the high point of technology noone really understand what is going on around them the book has snatches of tv shows in the middle of no where It drones information 247we aer surrenodunded by information so much so that it is not connected to anything We mistake it for securiydata is the new nature its like a forest we assume its organic we assume as long as the dadta is ther we are safe Googleis an infomration retrieval systemits teh most richest tech company in teh world if you look at technology uits a braggerit ends up taking your attention and focusing it on the few things it can do and distracts you away from teh many things it cant do
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