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Garry Martin Leonard

Vertigo April 1st 2009 Vertigo summarizes major themes in this english course Waiting is an awareness of being brough on by the absense of doing Vertigo opens in a hyperbolic doing Its an active shot You see an iron bar in the first shot dissecting the screne Before though we see the shot of teh bar we see credits coming out of a womens eye The credit sequence is a womens face with very expertly applied make up a beautful womens face close up not even the whole face is seen then the camera pulls back as the credits come out of her eye in a swirl the woman is give a certain role a particular position she seems to be taht which can generate a sense of coherence and that which can degenereate Her eyes are give remarkable privledge in teh opening shot she is teh source of balance or dizziness Now women are not like that but that is often how they get culturally constructedand that is an idea taht came up with Plath that femininity is an impossible construct and masculinity is an impossible construct They are both impossible in a relationship that generates the illusion that each is possible so you have two impossible constructions leaning on each other taht can only believe in their own possibilities in relation to the impossiblity of what theyre leanign on So rigth from the outset femininity and masculinity two constructs that can only come int o being in realtion to the other and niether is there reality is an effect of realtionship masculinty is not the same as feminitity masculinity and femininity are mutually constituted they each call teh other into being masclunity and feminity is an mascurade each mascurade is designed to permit the illusion of a reality on the part of the other masculinity is a confusion mascarde cuz its a mascuratde taht should nto be a mascurade Masclunity is simply being as western patriarchal culture defines it its supposedly natural the only way masculinity can pose as natural is if femininity is a performance femininity is a performance that permits an illusory belief in an essential masculinity For instance you are at a party and ur a guy in the kitchen and a women comes along gives you a jar and says i cant open this can you open this then it get really quiet cuz now youve called this mans entire being into question Its a matter between you and your own conscience whether you could open teh jar or not maybe you just wanted to start a conversation with the guy so why not just say I cant open this can you THen teh guy tries to open the jar struggles gives the impression he has not started yet so true and then he opens teh jar and gives it back saying Here baby got any more jars for me I do jarsthat was a performance Cosmopolitan is a handbook on how to perform as feminine get him to talk about himself get him to feel he is important its the same problem that madeline and judy have madeline is teh women that Gavin Elster creates using judy as a lure for Johnny scottie mr ferguson johnny O this guy has identitiy issues he has 5 names noone seems to call him the same thing twice when he rescuse judy from teh bay whose pretending to be madeline this insane desendent of carlata valdez who many years ago had gone mad cuz she was discarded as a mistress by a powerful sanfransico tycoon around the turn of the centruy He bought her a house which is not a hotel where madeline goes to stare out of teh window on a daily basis when she goes makes ehr rounds Rounds that Galvin elster has already designed to fit into the story hes already told scottie that he thinks his wife is being taken over by the ghost of Carlata Valdez that she is approaching the day taht the child of carlada valdez killed herself and he is afraid that carlata valdez is going to get his wife madeline to kill herself too So he hires scottie since he knows his work as a detective to trail his wife aadn figure out wats going on and to try to prevent her from harm this of course is gavin elsters plot he is already married to another woman named madeline elster who presumably we dont know looks something like what he makes judy look like it doesnt matter cuz we never see teh real madeline elster cuz gavin elsters plot he married into money he married into a shippig business he wants to get rid
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