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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

English2 Lecture02 Sympathy to the Devil R.S. after America was involved in the Vietnam war. Pop culture at its height, signing about the devil. We have perceeded on supersition, no longer bound or binded by irrational thought. The I altering alters all. The world is not the word. The word gives you the world. The word is the only world you know, but it is not the world. Change the word, change the world you know. Langueage always leaves a remainder. Not seen, not known, its imagined. Remainder haunts the fringe. 20 century we took over the word. Genisis. In the beginning was the word. God said let be light. Myths can be useful or potentially destructive, point of myth let you forget about it. The myth holds your place, Myth is ur cosmic default page. Time isnt anything but accumulation. Keeping track of accumulation. Charged Interst. Time really is money. Neither exist. Means something cause we agree to mean something. NO essence to money no essence to words. Words only mean in relation to other words. Hot means something casue it has cold. Meaning is not inherent in the word. Meaning is in affect in relation among the word.
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