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Garry Leonard

ENGA11 LECTURE 03 1/25/2012 7:12:00 AM DOING BEING Denial Realization Domination Interdependence Delusions of grandeur Humility Dissociation Association Desire  want  substitution  disappointment  craving  addiction  doing  more Desire  need  integration  adequate  contentment  ritual  being  enough  Addiction is a confusion of satisfaction with compensation  Compensation often comes packaged as perfection, innovation, progress  Products are providing an endless stream of substitution  Compensations cultivates cravings  We all want to be right all the time, but then we’ll never learn; the price of being right is that you can’t afford to learn  What Samuel Beckett did in Godot: he tried to get past words by using less of them o Beckett’s trying to make us aware of the orientation that we’ve accepted in the 20 thand 21 century, one that is taking us farther and farther away from who we are o Sometimes finding ourselves means losing ourselves th st  One of the key issues in the 20 and 21 century is: how have you been taught to be upset?  If you’re oriented towards compensation and satisfaction, and what you want and not what you need, you end up with a need for more What we want is a sense of completion and perfection that is unattainable  Godot asks: who are you when you’re not buying things, when you’re lost?  How you orient determines your trajectory, where you’ll end up next  Orientation begins with origin: what is your myth of origin?  How you began determines your orientation  In most of Western culture, we separate logic and emotion, body and mind, appetite and soul o Then we spend most of our time trying to reintegrate th st o Many of the characters in 20 /21 century literature have split personalities (e.g. Vladimir and Estragon, Pozzo and Lucky)  Pozzo is about business (endless contracts: “I can’t sit down unless you tell me to, should I give you the chicken bones.”)  Lucky is scientific discourse (has to invent its own origins; science has failed,
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