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Garry Leonard

ENG LEC 6 FEB 29  1953 diamonds are a girls bvest friend  Same time as when Sylvia plath won a scholarship with 11 othe girls to go to new York city  Called a college issue- had all the new fashions  They would have a national contests where women in uni could get spots on the guest editorial board for mademoiselle o It was an advertisement o Serious apprenticeship potential  Girls had top GPAs  Bell jar – semi autobiographical  Hotel was called barbeson – plath changes that to amazon  Had lots of supervision o Under strict control o Curfews o Chaperoned from event to event o Bec ause problems wouldn’t be good for mademoiselle publicity  You can see this in bell jar, clearly  Everyone gets food poising other than Doreen who skips it (rebel)  Esther wants to align herself with dorreen but also feels extinguished by her – esther says she know lenny was there for Doreen o esther realizes that lenny paid the other guy to come double date  there is a lot of humilitian o humiliation is a result of context o its something that happens inside you related to the context you find yourself in o and this is heavily related to the discourses you find yourself in  women are marketed o marketed to but also marketed o gives image that blondes are feminine and act feminie  Monroe – rocks are different shape o Better translate cleavage into jewewllery before you lose it o Brides get money before you get divorces o Get money from business man o Get money from boss before you lose o Don’t be stupid, naïve, your bopdy is for sale, get diamonds before you lose it o Seems to be empowering – if your trading in your body get its value paid for  This song is axiety inducing o Right now your hot o But not gna be hot forever o If you don’t get financial stability while your hot, you wont get it when your old  Not much has changed in this respects Mademoiselle, 1953 advertisemtn for a bra o Called hidden treasure o Not selling you a bra, selling you something to prop up your assets o Girdle ad – supple corsets  ‘make yoru torso, moreso  Your body is what your given, your figure is what you make of it  Figure is a pun- figures as in money you get out of it  Plain curves are for the math books, but captivating curves – hidden treasure  Adds value to a-,b-,c-,d-,cup o Size of you is more important than your gpa  Seduction is an illusory form of power  Power is a direct way to enact change  Seduction is only powerful because it can seduce someone in power to be in power on your behalf (?) o Your windsong stays on his mind o Perfume ads offer themselves as a prop for feminity o Femininity is a seductive performances that is coded for masuculinity o Womens perfumes names after seducing power (poison) o Mens by power (brute, etc) o Bell jar: I new something was wrong with me, clothes hangin like limp fish, everything I had in college not worth anything (get real quote)  As if she is a bird and hits the glass wall  She gets behind the spectacle and realizes that it IS all spectacle  She had been following a charade o One of esthers problems is that she is so bright and insightful because she can let go and engage in the discourse so she gets depressed, suicidal  She is Torn between what you want to believe and what is false  Just before the wave of feminism o Pills beign prescribed by the bucket to get the women to accept the disrouses o Mademoiselle had lots of columns onb neurosis  Whenever theres a diesesase yhou have to ask yourself what the disease is and what the cure is  You learn that it is not a disease, it’s a diss- ease  When someone selse feels dis ease they can re difen their confirm to themselves by redifing their dis-ease as yoru disease. o The problem with feminituy is that it is self-efacing  Yoru indivuality was erased  Wrinkle cream designed by ppl smarter than you or iron your face  Ads use false dilemmas- use our products or become a lonely cat lady in some bady  Question false dilemmas- why are those t
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