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Garry Leonard

ENGA11 Lecture 1 venn diagram outside nature space and place The relationship between body and nature determines your values what things mean What you think things mean determines you relationship to naturerelationship between space and nature is your sense of essence worthvalueprice Similar words but not the same Your price is what you can get other people to think of you not what youre worth or your value Your value is what you can get through process of exchange what people give you in exchange for you Your worth is what you can do of valuedoing is a part of beingLecture 2 waiting for godot question what is human nature Up until WWII it was thought to be an obvious questionnature is sustainable What is it about us thats sustainable when did thinking begin Whats the relationship between thinking and being and doing thinking is an awareness of being Waiting is awareness of being brought on by an absence of doing all of vladamirs theories dont add up contradict either what is godot Is it a word a symbol author himself doesnt know who Godot is vladamir and estragon can be seen as body and soul if theres not
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