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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

ENGA02 Lecture 2 Song- everything that orient you doesnt have anything to do with you There is no essence, just the experience and you use that to formulate an essence Have myth that science discover o But science discovers itself o Can never discover anything but yourselves o We are our discovery, our invention o Science does everything to be objective, does everything to try to remove subjectivity o Subjectivity smuggled into science and then they try to remove it Replace faith with science Relationship between faith and science o Hard to recognize faith is the new science Ideologies dont work when you know them Cognitive dissonance occurs when there is disconnect in your life between real and reality Reality is whats still there when you no longer believe in it Belief gives you your ideology Nothing makes sense until you repair it somehow Everything comes at you and you cant make sense of it History is the potential made happen Once something happens, we let go of everything that couldve happened We are never the sum total of what we think of ourselves Need science fiction because science wont acknowledge that there is fiction in science What I thought and what is, is not the same thing at all Waiting for Godot Writ
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