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Lecture 5

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Garry Leonard

ENGA02 Lecture 5 Lithium by Nirvana o Lithium drug used for depression o Song starts off quietly then loud then quiet o Bipolar, unable to find a middle ground Experience is something you remember o What you remember is what you experience o But not everything you remember is something you experience i.e. dreams What happens is what happens, but not the only thing that can happen What happens is the experience of what couldve happened Interpretation is desire, trying to match what we want Vladimir- we are all born mad, some of us think so o We all born insane and we learn to be same- some of us o Beckett- we are born crazy Body you have is a battleground, prize, source of authenticity If element is persuasion Persuasions want to do is embed in body o Want body image to be depended on certain attitude Balcony Takes place in a whorehouse No one has sex at the brothel Likes to dress up and get in role play Prostitutes needed as prop for men Men want to experience po
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