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31 Mar 2012
ENGB04 February 14, 2012 February 14, 2012
EKPHRASIS (poems about art) AND ELEGY (poems of mourning, loss of a loved one)
- Stanley Kunitz’s “The Portrait” (514)
- How does Kunitz work with form to depict the violence of this father’s
suicide and its effects endurance?
o In each fragment, its sending us a different emotional state
o Sentence #2 metaphor; “in her deepest cabinet” (figurative)
mentally/emotionally we have deep cabinets within ourselves
where we don’t want to forget about (literally)
o Layers of pain; Mother’s pain, slapping her son, the cheek still
burning-> evidence from the past
One little act can mean so much
The Narrative Poem (organization, development of a poem; plot)
The Lyric Poem (usually in the present tense; feelings)
The Interaction
- What story does he tell?
o Colonialization; figure for history of colonialism
o Story of buffalo bill running his pawn shop
- Why does he tell this story?
o Preservation, showing injustice toward the Indians
o Evolution = show how this cultural domination is presented as a
“natural” of the American culture (“it’s just a story of evolution”
but its not)
o How extreme the acts of corporations are
o There is a turn at the end.. they are in control of everything even
charges the Indian to enter to see their own stuff
- How does he tell this story and to what end?
o Lists various of things being pawned
o The “selling” of the bodies
- On what subject does he reflect/ meditate?
o Wrote for Jane his student
- Why does he reflect/ meditate on this subject?
o A tribute for Jane; something to remember
o Reflecting on relationship
o Important, strong bond = teacher + student (not love wise)
- What are his “successive takes” on the subject being considered?
o Rhetorical devices: Similes, metaphors,
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