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31 Mar 2012
ENGB05 March 19, 2012
Today’s Agenda:
- Annotated Bibliography
- General Discussion (paper)
- revision of
- workshop use of
- body paragraph/
*March 28th: 1st draft of the rough paper (first 4 pages of your research) + 2
annotations + copies for your classmates
- 5 annotations based on 5 secondary sources
o 3 of 5 work cited page (peer review)
- Argumentative (no book reviews, no primary sources, no interviews)
- Book
o Author
o Monograph
- Book (chapter/author)
o A collection of essays
- Article
o Journal
5 Annotation which is divided into 5 parts
* each annotation is 250-500 words (8-10 pages double spaced)
1) secondary source (2pts)
a. cited in MLA
2) summary (3pts)
3) evaluation 1 (5pts)
a. Argument
i. What’s the argument?
ii. How is it develop?
iii. What kind of examples are used?
4) evaluation 2 (5pts)
a. research and its relevance
i. how are you using this secondary source in your essay?
ii. how are you using it?
iii. Why are you using it? (“I’m using it to counter argue”)
b. Comparison to another source similarities and differences
5) evaluation 3 (5pts)
a. author/research/publication
i. short bio of author (literary bio, ex. who is he, what university?,
what kind of work is he into?, full-time faculty or part-time
faculty or sessional?at the moment what is that person doing?)
ii. research when was it published? What type of research are
they specialized in? ex. americanist? Canadianist? Africain
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