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31 Mar 2012
ENGB05 March 28, 2012
Go to black boared -> Assignments -> Peer review Form -> print out one for each
paper received by group
- Optional to mark on grammar, mechanics, style (in general)
1. Try to avoid word transitions; instead think about structure and organization
2. Organization
- Thesis; how is it related to every topic sentences in your body paragraphs
- Try opening a new page and copy&paste the thesis to every paragraph
Thesis inrelation to every topic sentences (T.S.)
Body P1 [T.S. 1]
Body P2 [T.S. 2]
Body P3 [T.S. 3]
Body P4 [T.S. 4]
Body P5 [T.S. 5]
- what kind of relationship?
o Spacially?
o Cause and effect?
o Chronologically?
- Organization
o Thesis
Topic senteces of each Body Paragraph
o Within each Paragraph
Move from T.S. or the other sentences
Topic sentence 1
Quotation or textual evidence
Own comment on that quotation
Secondary source (cannot be more than 50% of the
Own comment on secondary source
Move from P.T to S.T.
Move from a text to your voice
- Make your own voice the predominant in your body paragraph
o If you find an idea in your secondary source; How you interpret what
you read and how you use it
o Use sporadically the “I” (only when it is important to demark yourself
form others)
o When you comment on that primary source
- Take first sentence and last sentence of every body paragraph and compare
o They should have a connection
o Both should be about the same topic sentence/ sub-argument
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