ENGB30H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Iphitos, Tyndareus, Satyr Play

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23 Nov 2016

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Classical Myth and Literature
Lecture 10: Heroes III: The Tragicomic Heracles
Heracles after the Labours
- (eracles enters and wins archery contest for )ole’s hand, but Eurytos backs
out of agreement (apollodorus pg. 41)
- Hearcles wrestles death to return Admetus’s wife Alcestis to life
(Apollodorus p.41)
- (eracles kills )phitus, )ole’s brother Apollodorus p.
o Tries to establish own oracle (Apollodorus pg.41)
- (eracles serves as slave to Omphale, queen of Lydia, to atone for )phitus’s
murder (Apollodorus p.42)
- Heracles invades Troy
o Wants to kill Telamon because Telamon entered the city before
Heracles (Apollodorus p.42)
o Kills Laomedon and saves Priam / Podarces (Apollodorus p. 42)
- Heracles makes war in the Peloponnese
o Founded olympic games and built 6 altars to 12 gods
o Establishes Nestor (43) and Tyndareos (43) as kings
- Marriage to Deianeira and death (Apollodorus pp.44-45)
Alcestis (438BC)
- Summary of the preceding action
o Admetus has to die but he doesn’t want to and the only one to agree to
taking his place is his wife
- Question in the genre of Alcestis
o (Tragedy? Comedy? Modified satyr play? Tragicomedy?)
- Figure of Admetus
o Man whose wife dies on his behalf
Admetus’s admonition of his father ff
Very crucial event that starts central conflict
He says Alcestis is his father mother and child because
she gave him a second chance at life
Admetus seems irrational and you wonder if he feels
guilty for sending his wife to death
Pheres’s retort -700)
This is a normal human thing
We don’t want to die
There is no gracious escape from death
Look at the man, disgracefully alive… -961)
Even though he has harsh words against his enemies
o He understands how he could be seen from an
unflattering perspective
o Medea convinced her daughters to chop up
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