ENGB30H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Iron Age, Trojan War

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Ovid p.5-6
- fo seed diie o iig e-ade eath ith fesh aiate
- so as the eath… tasfoed, huas ae e etal pat of the old, eath eeded
- great contrast with the making of the gods which is only briefly touched on by Ovid, seems to
imply that gods are not as important as humans to Ovid
Ovid p.9
- fashioed fo [giats’] lood
- violent
Ovid p.18-19
- Deulalio ad Pha’s sto ae sto is euialet to Noah’s flood)
- Pyrrha, daughter of Pandora and Epimetheus <- Pyrrha was reckless
- Deulcalion, son of Prometheus <- Deulcalion is wise
- Stony race are hardworking
Through these descriptions, you can see that the materials that were used to make humans, shaped
their personalities.
- Divinity= always aiming for the stars, Blood= violence, Stone= hardworking
Pandora (Creation of Women) <- Hesiod, Theogeony II. 588-594; Works 11. 78-87
- Pandora is made as punishment to males, women are an infestation amongst men
- Wrong bee vs doe aalog used to ephasize oe’s flas
- In Works, Pandora is the punishment humans get for getting fire from Prometheus
- In this version, Pandora herself is not the punishment, but rather the contents of her jar are
(contains disease, horrors and hope (?))
- Because she is a woman, she is nosy and thus opens the jar
- Why is hope in the jar? It could be bad as it could mislead men into not seeing their true
circumstances, but hope is kept in the jar so they can see the true miseries around them.
Prometheus and Mankind
- “o dediated to huas that at ties it does’t see that he is diiit
- Tricks Zeus to try to give humans an edge in sacrificial rituals
- Steals fire for men
- Suffers torture because of above actions
- Tries to warn Epimetheus about accepting gifts from Zeus ie. Pandora (Works 103-108)
- Makes mankind out of earth and water (Ovid p.6)
- Grandfather of the stony race of humans (Ovid p. 18)
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