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Lecture 14

ENGB35H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Hogwarts, Separate Spheres, Boarding School

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Natalie Rose

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Boarding school useful bc you are getting children away from parents.
Hogwarts -- less supervision there.
Absolute fantasy and escapism
Freud - when kids have issues with parents, most kids fantasize about
being adopted - Harry has a reverse family romance where his real parents
are dead. Absolute wish fulfillment
Hogwarts gives Harry an escape from the mundane and abusive life
Anne of Green Gables - doesn’t want Anne to grow up whereas Harry
Potter series - accompanies him as he grows up.
Challenges in Harry Potter are more real -- young boy struggling, learns as
he struggles and explores his own autonomy.
Harry Potter - romance that is going to end happily. There is romance +
Rowling does not make it easy for the reader -- takes things away from
Harry -- Hogwarts is a dangerous place - scope increases to encompass the
whole community.
As you read each book, vocabulary increased, making it harder to read the
book. The challenges get harder as well.
Rereading the book as an adult made me pick up on things that I have
previously not.
Put outter - and then
Harry’s character - he’s the least interesting character.
Mrs. Weasley -- raising children as a housewife. Given the rule the kids are
not allowed to perform magic at home someone has to supervise the kids.
Separate spheres built into the wizarding world.
Ron signifies family. Ron - good at chess.
The seeker - Harry being a seeker is symbolic b/c he wins the match and
gets more points than anyone else and end the game. Inherited talent from
his father - be read as a class analysis.
- Romance as genre of the upper classes - Lyra child of Lord Asriel and
when the novel gets going it gets adapted to middle-class values. Hangover
in this book whereby Harry just b/c he is Harry has virtues and talents he
has inherited. Sense of Harry’s superiority comes from that inheritance
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