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22 Apr 2012
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February 8, 2012
The Hobbit
One of the bestselling books ever
o Why did this book sell so well? Why does it continue to sell so well?
o One of the most significant dramas
o The storehouse of all social values a guide to citizenship
o Is the function of The Hobbit similar to epic?
o 1916 had to fight in the first world war
o Wasn’t injured but became sick from the war
What is the end or purpose of the story told in The Hobbit
o Means the most to people in this course
Where is good and where is evil?
o Good=West Bad=East
o Anything on the other side of the mountains seen as bad
o The main character is a narrative or dramatic work
o Want our hero to possess admirable qualities
o Not a villain but not heroic
o Lacks the quality of nobility
o The protagonist says he’s not a hero but he’s a thief
o Definition of a coward is wanting to be invisible
o The book doesn’t believe in heroes
Bourgeois or middle class values vs. Aristocratic values
o The positive of middle class values are hard work and that you should be able to
advance in the world through hard work
o The negative of middle class values is showing off your culture
o Tolkien was a scholar of the middle ages
o What is Aristocracy? Doing a favor for the king
o The Heroic Code: The source of all values
o Strength and courage
o Do really great things to have people tell stories about you
o The Shire is a stereotype of all middle class values
Distrust anybody that is different
Does the book endorse a particular political system?
o Shire is very far removed from everything that happens
o Canada=the Shire, the sense of being safe and being removed from struggle