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Lecture 2

ENGB70H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Rear Projection Effect, Academy Ratio, Long Shot

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Friday, January 15, 2016
North by Northwest
Physically: constantly moving North, Northwest
Metaphorically: Hamlet [I am mad when the wind goes north by northwest but I know a hawk
from a handsaw when the wind is going south]; Thornhill seems "mad" to everyone but there is
"method to his madness" there is a reason for it
High Angle: shot from a high position directed downward on individuals or a scene
Low Angle: shot from a low position, directed upward at individuals or a scene
"Canted" angle: can appear tilted, askew, unbalanced
Cut: an editing transition between two separate shots achieved without optical/special effect
Dissolve, fade out, wipe, iris
Classic "Wrong Man" set-up
NXNW - Roger Thornhill almost immediately mistaken for someone else
Mistaken identity sets the plot in motion
Narrative and Perspective
Restricted Narration: a narrative in which our knowledge is limited to that of a particular
POV (point of view) or Subjective Shots: shots that reproduce a character's optical point of view,
we are aligned with that perspective
"Process Shots"
Refers to special effects techniques for combing footage shot separately into one shot
Example: Rear projection - technique for combining a foreground action with a background
A device, gimmick, "seem to be of vital importance to the characters" but to the narrator it has
no importance to what it is whatsoever
Hamlet Reference
Act as mad
Putting on a play to find the truth; path to the truth is crooked nxnw
The Shape of Frame
Aspect ratio: the width to height ratio of the film frame as it appears on a movie screen or
Academy ratio: 1.33:1
Widescreen ration: 1.85:1 or higher
o Introduced in '50s in part to compete with television (ex. NXNW "Vistavision" and
o Anamorphic
o Masks
The Shot
One continuous camera take (can be moving but cannot be cut or edited to another shot/view)
Attributes of shot: framing, depth of field, focus, movement
Framing or Composition
Distance (shot scale)
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