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Lecture 8

ENGB70H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Bruce Conner, Collage Film, Binoculars

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Sara Saljoughi

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-> shot-by-shot analysis due next week
->looked at how non-narrative forms of expression are diff from narrative forms of
-> avant garde & expriemental cinema = non-narrative forms of moving images
soviet montage - collison and conflict = images that may not flow to amount
anything would fall in the rome of non-narrative cinema
-> considered a collage film b/c director didn't shoot new images - all images were from
old news film (images from documentaries and fiction films)
-> includes humor, violence and sub-nudity
-> by calling it a movie = he's giving the movie a blankness
-> starts with stereotypical images of what movies might be - i.e. opportunity to look a
female bodies (look at something without having to be in it[voyers])
-> juxtaposes semi-nude images to those of binoculars
-> how is it the same medium that engages us to engage as voyers also serve the
purpose to attempt rep a culture of non-western to western audiences - cinema as tool
for colonial gaze of the world
-> cinema used to make us chuckle - entertain us, stimulate us
-> constant juxtaposition of what cinema can do
-> images included - pure & lustly images and how cinema promotes that
-> scholars see this film as producing ambivalence in viewers - uneasy, unclear on how
cinema is defined and how it affects us as members of society - he may not be
condeming, he may be ambivanlence of what these images are
-> cdn film "wave length" - associated with structural films
-> soundtrack includes interview w/ ppl who's buttocks are displayed
-> video - images of buttocks
-> as we're seeing the buttocks, and process of talking about it - what we get is a meta-
commentary (talking about whether film may be boring may a commentary on viewer's
-> point of an 80 min film showing buttocks - goal of non-narrative forms of modernism
is to react to the idea cinema should entertain and tell a story (beginning, middle,
end),... avant garde and expriemental is a reaction to this
-> reaction to commercialism
->reaction collapse of social order following WWI
-> alternative to realism
noticeable storytelling process (attention to HOW story is told)
sergei - have to show struggle ppl endured against states in order to understand world
they live in..avant garde filmmaker - can achieve that by looking at buttocks
exploration of interior subject life of characters
last 2 points apply to meshes of afternoon - build argument of kind of character built in
film and un chien andalou
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