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Lecture 2

ENGB70H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Algerian War, Match Cut, D. W. Griffith

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Sara Saljougi

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Diegetic Vs Extra-Diegetic
-often used to describe music in film.
Extra-diegetic music used in horror films to create anticipation and suspense.
-Stalkers Camera
-(anekes Camera directors camera
Haneke plays with conventional film methods by using the stalkers camera to trick
the viewer into thinking that they are watching the films camera when they are
actually watching the stalkers camera .
Characters P.O.V subjective- when they show the character looking around then
changing the camera to show where the character is looking is a subjective p.o.v.
invisible witness objective- Haneke observing the situation.
Why? – Present these things in this way? (meaning/interpretation)
- Guilt
-personal (Georges) – memories of Georges childhood during the
Algerian war against France. George sees this period as being an
interlude in his childhood. (e didnt understand the situation Majid
was in during the time.
-political – the Algerian war is taking place during Georges childhood
forcing Majid to live with and grow up with George. Majids parents in
the film are killed in a massacre in Paris.
- Critique of Media
-Production of media- Georges job of being on a television show.
Scenes such as the one of him editing his show, show that television is staged
in a way that would appeal to the audience and certain truths are cut out.
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