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23 Apr 2012

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March 7, 2012
Crash (continued)
Opening scene
o We do not know whose point of view the movie is going to be from
o Match cut between Graham and Rhea
Parallel editing
We know this through the soundtrack
Editing chapter: 180 degree rule
o Mainstream Hollywood cinema abides by this rule
Dissolve is a common transitional device (doesn’t stand out)
o Works with the narrative flow
o Continuous editing, what mainstream Hollywood editing does for us
Allows us to relax
The flow of the narrative
Crash is full of close ups -> what’s the effect?
Cleo from 5 to 7
Shot 1: a woman shuffling cards
By shot 5 all we know is the title, all we have for context
Everything goes wrong with the reading as soon as she gets rid of the card about her
Tarot cards juxtaposed against one another to make meaning
The images are important but it’s the juxtaposition that makes the meaning
Although the tarot card reader moves from past to present to future…the question is
does she really predict the future? Not necessarily
o Might predispose Cleo to act a certain way
o Might influence our future somehow
o Wants to create an open feel, our emotions are called forth
These images ring a bell of our own internal images
Transition to women go from color to black and white
o Narrative effect to the more stark black and white
o A woman who looks concerned
o Cinematic space is the important thing…the how, the way she takes her time,
and how Cleo tries to discover who she is
o When interpretations are wrong, she changes her angle
The art of making film
The director lays it all out/tarot cards on a table
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