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ENGB03 Lecture 1

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Alexandra Peat

ENGB03: Critical Thinking About Narrative Lecture One – January 13th • What makes a narrative? ○ Communicating a story, narrative is a description of an event ○ How we come to understand events, ourselves, other people, our world ○ How we remember the past, imagine the future ○ Narratives give shape to our lives, and they are given shape by our lives • Is there something about humanity that is best expressed through storytelling? ○ Narrative is not only an art form, it is our way of communication • Storyworld ○ To tell a story is to create a world (can seem close or far from our world)  Close: gossip, far: Harry Potter ○ Narratives create worlds both implicitly and explicitly – implies how to understand the context, mindset, and ideologies ○ We become aware of how the storyworld is created, but also aware of ourselves filling in the gaps ○ We can think of the storyworld as a representation of the world • Key themes: ○ Narrative and Reality  Organizing reality – create a time frame “story” and “narrative discourse”  We know time has elapsed when something has changed  Stories that try to influence us – can we believe them?  EX: Story – falling down the stairs (See lecture slides); narrative discourse – how story is told  The way a story is told directly influences how we understand it ○ Narrative and Identity  Narrative can develop a sense of self, cultural identity, and personal identity  Canada’s group identity – freedom of spee
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