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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sonja Nikkila

Can we Read without books Interpreting other textsExercise bayardo san roman eurycleia middlemarch narrator msemily sinico the prince openminded Right interpretationChronicle of death foretold danger of asking too much questions Autopsy sent the report Everyone saw his death so question should be not how he died but why Danger of focusing on wrong questionChronicle of death foretold sometimes were focusing interpretation when its not needed He is Arab and Christ is not Comparison doesnt gain us anything You cant look at a dead body and brain and say their smart Just because you have a mass doesnt mean youre smart With a weird way to conclude because he does not have a brilliant future Just said he had a brilliant future yet he was going to die quickly because of liver This interpretation is called into questionEven his autopsy same set of proof can be endlessly interpretiveA visual warmupthVery straightforward family picture This is Henry 8 and his family but we can look at the arrangement of it Having Edward and Seymour close to him which side Mary and Elizabeth are right sinister left Mary favourable Edward wont be the heir only rule for couple of years sickly Mary the favoured daugh
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