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Lecture 5

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Rachel Stapleton

ENGB03Lecture 5 June 9 2014Narrative VoicesInterpreting Narrativethere are valid and invalid interpretationsalways bear in mind narrative can be more about creativity than truthmarkers of interpretation in the texta narrators reliability can be disputedremember a narrator is a device wielded by the authorNarrative Voicevoice in narration is a question of who it is we hear doing the narrative the narrative tone or type of voicewe have evaluative language1st person vs 3rd person narration what kind of character attributes do we give the narratorcolour is added via the detailwhat value does the narrator bring to the narrative and how does that effect interpretationhow does the narrator affect our understanding of the characterswhat evaluative language is being usedDistance and Reliabilitythe kind of voice developed for the narrator is closely tied to the narrators distance from the story and the narrators reliabilityboth of these are markers of the narrators objectivity demonstrated with the impression of tha
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