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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Daniel Tysdal

Lecture 3Voice Perspective and Tradition Stewart Cole Merman Piece of life mourning wakingenergy from sleepDisequilibrium space between dream and wakingQuestioning the conscious part of me that we leave behind when we awakeUses enjambment imagery uses merman as a symbol part man part monstermythTransformation In the middle suprising shift of speakerVOICE 1 Speakerdistinguished from the poet 2 Point of Viewsti1 personI or We ndii 2 personYou rdiii 3 personHeshe or they 3 Pronouns agents rdst In Merman initially in 3 person and then it switches to 1 persono Self conscious I am looking at self as split beingo Core point is the turn in the middle VOICE AND TRADITIONIn class we look at two interrelated though very different traditions of poetry o Free Verse Lines are of different widthsDo not rhyme in any regular way Invented by poets brought up on rhyme and counted verseTheoretical appeal is that it admits an element of chance o Metrical Verse or poems in counted linesPays special attention to metrical lines metrical patterns rhymes and stanza formsPredetermined methodsSpecific ways of naming stanza form Blank VerseCentral type of peotic line throughout the development of English language poetryDefining features are almost nonexistentunrhymed iambic pentameterMetrical foundation for Shakespeares plays and Miltons epic poem Paradise Lost
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