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1 DESCSRIBING POEMS a Poem as artVendler on describing poems In this chapter Vendler provides us with a rand of strategies for locating the different meaningful patterns and parts of the poem 1 three means of classifying poems 2 the narrative and the lyric impulses 3 questions for exploring poemsouter inner formcontent speech actI AMidea of HOME is something abstractJohn Clare I AmJoy Harjo Song for the Deer and Myself to Return OnJOHN CLARE 17931864English poetHe suffered bouts of depressionHe was institutionalizedClassifying poems INNER FORMinner Form and Emotion Subjective ExperienceInner Form and the Parts of the Poem o Binary twopart poem or ternary threepart poem o How would you classify I AmVendlers Advice for Finding the Parts 124I Amis a three part poempart1 decribing who he isplace he is in environmentplaces he chooses to be in For Vendler some of the ingredients of inner form are o Sentences 124 o Person 125 o Agency 1267Every sentence has a subject and the subject is the agent of the verb rd 3 line moving I as a subject to his woes that rise and vanishes o Tense 127 rd Fourth line of 3 stanza I long for scenes this is the scene that he would live in
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