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ENGB04March 13 2012 THE VICTORIAN PERIOD18301901Queen in England 1 Change and Growth the Victorian era was a period of dramatc change that brought England to its highest point of development as a world powerLondon grew from 2 to 65 million during the Victorian era 2 Reform and Distress the early Victorian period 18301848 saw the opening of Britains first railway and its first Reform Parliament but it was also a time of economic distress 3 Prosperity and Optimismalthough the midvictorian period 18481870 was not free of harassing problems it was a time of prosperity optimismand stabilityEnormous investments of people money and technology created the British Empire 4 The Costs of Empire in the later period 1870ALFRED LORD TENNYSON 18091892Poems 1833 his second book received such poor reviews that he ceased to publish for nearly 10 years he succeeded Wordsworth as poet laureate in 1850 Tennysons In Memoriam 106 p 611 In Memoriam AHHis considered by many to be Tennysons most ambitious and important poemHe began it following the death by cerebral hemorrhage in 1833 of his close friend and champion Arthur Henry HallamThe poems 133 cantos were written over 1 yearsWritten in iambic tetrameter quatrains rhyming ABBAThe poem was a favourite of Queen Victorias writes an elegy because they are still in mourning ring out as in wanting to get rid of this mourningletting this mourning dietwo potential figure to ring inactual humanand the saviour metaphoric figureROBERET BROWNING 18121889at the age of 33 he carried on a nearly two year courtship with the poet Elizabeth Barrett ELIZABETH BARRET BROWNING 18061861illness kept her an invalidHer poetry was popular in England and America and was praised for its social consciousnessMATTHEW ARNOLD18221988
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