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lecture notes on poems

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Hopkins Gods Grandeur 327 This is a hymn to God in the form of a sonnet. The first quatrain says God fills the world; why do not people pay attention? The next generation says that after so many generations, the whole world has been remade by humans and nothing natural is left. We can no longer get in touch with the natural world which is filled with Gods spirit. The sestet says that nature still has freshness, morning will follow night, and the Holy Spirit still warms the world. Foil: tin foil Reck his rod: fear his punishment (in the form of a stick) Trod: past tense of tread (meaning walk) Shod: wearing shoes Spent: exhausted Holy Ghost: Holy Spirit Broods: keeps warm, like a chicken on its eggs Hopkins The Windhover 327 Another sonnet praising God. The speaker saw a falcon high in the sky and it filled him with a sense of the glory of God. Gall: chafe, rub against each other Vermilion: kind of red Hopkins Pied Beauty 328 This is a poem of praise for things that are not just one colour, but multicoloured. Implicitly this praises the variety in the world. Stipple: dotted Cummings i song of Olaf 475 This is a poem of praise for a conscious objector beaten to death in military prison because he refuses to go to war. It is a satire on the military. I sing: this is the way epic poems about heroes commonly begin Westpointer: West Point is the US military academy Noncoms: noncommissioned officers (officers who were promoted from the ranks of enlisted men) Per: by means of Clarion: trumpet Cummings anyone lived in a pretty how town 476 This poem tells the story of a man called anyone. Women and men didnt like him. But a woman called no one did. Anyone and no one got married. Eventually anyone died. He and no one were buried side by side.
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