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Maria Assif

ENGB05 Peer Review Form form used to comment on each others papers Name of the Reviewer Name of the Reviewee Name of the other reviewers in the group thDate of Peer Review Session in class April 4 in class thDue Date of this Peer Review Form April 4in class Important Reminders Make enough copies for everyone in your group in addition to one for your professorThe bulk of the work the reading of the papers and commenting on each one should be done at home or elsewherenot in classDeliverables 1 The original paper of the student with your marginal comments on it 2 The corresponding rubric with specific comments that justify your circling choices 3 This review Form 4 Your peers Evaluations paragraphs to be written and submitted on thApril 4 in class after the peer review session including a paragraph commenting on your own contribution to this process and another paragraph commenting on the performance of each of your teammates in terms of timely submissions of drafts timely attendance of the peer review session and the depth and the courteous nature of the comments provided Your points are based on the depth and the commitment you have demonstrated throughout this intense but rewarding processexchanging papers on time filling out the necessary forms evaluating the drafts attaching the necessa
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