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Maria Assif

ENGB05 April 2, 2012 - annotated bibliography must be part of your essay o paraphrased, quoted, etc 1. Secondary Sources (all useful for essay, and only critical pieces are for annotation) a. Critical piece (for annotation) i. Refers to: an article journal, book or a chapter of a collections of essays (critical essays)  Critical means argumentative not expository only ii. Annotation: for evaluation #2-> Compare and contrast first source with the second source b. Book review (not for annotations) i. Review of the book, summaries, tells you if its good (popular/notpopular), whether you should buy it or not c. Interviews (not for annotations) d. Websites (not for annotations) i. not articles found online-> a source available online only e. Anthologies (not for annotations) i. Oxford anthology for British literature, anthology for Canadian literature ii. Have chapters introducing the literature produced after iii. What makes this body of literature special iv. Intro of these chapters (10 pages) can be used as secondary source f. Encyclopedias (not for annotations) i. Longer version of dictionaries with many information ii. Provide details g. Dictionaries (not for annotations) i. Childhood, trauma (how they are affected) *do not just give information (expository), find what it proves - must find argumentative essays 2. Secondary Sources (SS) FOCUS: 1st. First SS is about the text you are interested in AND the topic you’re discussing i. be careful that you don’t write what is in that source 2nd. SS is about the text but not the topic 3rd. SS is about topic but not from a literary perspective i. Ex. Doctor’s perspective: how anthropologist diagnose trauma and use this diagnose to how it effects the character itself 4th. SS is about the topic but not the writer i. Hanan Al Shayleh, Rabih Alameddin, Etel Adnan; all lebanese authors: trauma war on Lebanon ii. You are allowed to write about other authors in essay 5th. SS is irrelevant in focus but well-written i. You have to mimic somebody’s writing then you find your own voice ii. Demark yourself iii. When using a word that is different “imagined communities”  You gotta mentioned that you “borro
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