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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Sonja Nikkila

Lecture 12: Mapping the Self April-07-11 6:16 PM Previous { Austen:Family Tree { Fun Home: maps { Ondaatje:where youre from, how it affects your identity --> not aboutculture but actualland and space,and how this affects your identity Chapter:TabulaAsiae { On my brotherswall in Torontoare the false maps. Old portaits of Ceylon. The results of sightings,glances from trading v essels,the theoriesof sextant. The shapes differ so much they seem to be translations--byPtolemy, Mercator,Francois Valentyn, Mortier,and Heydt--growingfrom mythic shapesinto eventual accuracy. False accuracy:incorrect+ opposite of true --> being carefulaboutwhat s true versus accurate Mapsas portraits of Ceylon Translation:what we understandwhat the land is --> going from an idea to accurate(the differencebetween what is accurateand whatis true?) Growing= Evolution:of island itself + of ppls understandingof it--> Amoeba, then stout rectangle,and then the island as we know it now, a pendant off the ear of India Our conceptionof the island versus actualknowledgeof it { Old maps:adds imagination Aroundit, a blue-combedocean busy with dolphin and sea-horse,cherub and compass.Ceylon floats on the Indian Ocean and holds its naive mountains,drawingsof cassowaryand boar who leap without perspectiveacrossimagined desertumand plain. Zoomingin at old maps: attempts at topography--not precise,but drawing pictures Imaginingmapsat coupledimensionsat once--downon land, across land,imaginingland Imagineddesertum --did anyoneactuallygo there to see what was there OR did we fill in blankspaceswith imagination? --> really actuallyempty, or did it just not get recorded?(i.e. Jane Austens letters) { Bechdel: Wind in the Willows: the mysticalbridgingof the symbolicand the real... --> Fun Home Old maps:bridgingof whats symbolicversus real e.g. New Iron Bridge --> nameitself different from drawing a picture of it --> names are labels and can be shifted aroundand adjusted in the mind, but when draws it out, links the symbolic text with the Real (e.g. Effort of graphicartist) { At the edge of the maps the scrolled mantling depicts ferociousslipper-footedelephants,a white queen offering a necklace to nativeswho carrytusksand a conch, a Moorishking who standsamidst the power of booksand armour.On the south-westcorner of somechartsare satyrs,hoof deep in foam, listening to the sound of the island, their tails writhing in the waves. Elephants:book not post-colonialenough;post-modern At the edge: who you are is not just aboutwhat you look likehow exactly and accuratelyyou replicateyourself, but what you associatewith *marginof evidenceyoure associatedwith a white queen offering a necklace to natives who carry tusksand a conch: Idea of where you camefrom, here suggestingcolonialism (intersectionof native and white imperialists) *marginof your own history On the south-westcorner of some charts are satyrs
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