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Laura Jane Wey

Lec21_Nov21 The Ethos of the Homeric Qorld: Arete (Excellence)  For Penelope o Loyal toward family/husband, framed in terms of constancy and chastity  “Wiith enduring heart she does wait for you…” (373)  “You are so strange…” (339)  “Always the spirit deep in m very heart was fearful…” (340) o Steadfast/ trustworth  “And yet you, Odysseus, will never be murdered by your wife..” (179)  “He wep o Prudent/ cautious  “Circumspect Penelope” (throughout)  “And yet you, Odysseus, will never be murdered by your wife…” (179) o Obedient  “Go therefore back in the house, and take up your own work…” (36) o Clever/ capable  “Here let everything be in your charge” (277)  “Odysseus was happy/ because she beguiled gifts out of them…” (277)  line 275 on p277  she’s shaming the suitors  instead of bringing gifts to her, they eat all that she has  this way, they are eating her livestocks but in return bring treasures  she does more than just weeping The Ethos of the Homeric World: Xenia (Courtesy Toward Strangers)  Telemachos’s courtesy towards Captain Mentes/ Athene (30)  Suitors violate code (30) o Don’t act like guests and eats up all the livestocks  Cyclops violates code (144)  Circe violates code (158) o Changing odysseus’s men into pigs o Line 221 o Kept the mind of men while the appearance are pigs The Ethos of the Homeric World: Familial Loyalty  Oikos as major orienting principle in The Odyssey (27)  Repeated reference to the story of the House of Atreus (Zeus:
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