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ENGB30 Lecture Notes - Metempsychosis, The Little Review, Menton

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Laura Jane Wey

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Joyce: Ulysses
James Joyce (1882-1941)
Irish novelist and poet
Important icon of Modernism
Born and raised Catholic, but left church at 16
Left Dublin in his 20’s for Continental Europe, form where he
proceeds to write stories set in Dublin
Ulysses (1922)
First serialize in The Little Review between 1918 and 1920
Banned in the US till 1933 for obscenity
Entire book takes place within one day Bloomsday- June 16,
Joyce claims that if the city of Dublin were to burn down it
could be reconstructed exactly the way it was in 1904 through
the detailed descriptions in his book. Ex: 68
- he’s suppose to be at a funeral at 11
- what you think about is what you notice and what you notice is how
you think about that thing
Action in Ulysses
Calypso: Bloom starts breakfast; walks to buther’s; buys
kidney; walks home and picks up mail; serves Molly
breakfast; eats; reads Milly’s letter; defecates
The Lotus Eaters: Bloom walks through the streets; picks up
letter from post office; runs into M’coy; reads letter; sits in on
church service; visits chemist; goes to bathhouse and takes
Hades: Bloom acquaintances ride carriage to cemetery;
funeral service; walk through cemetery; burial; walk back
through cemetery
Penelope: Molly (Bloom’s wife) lies in bed
Comparison to The Odyssey
Realistic depiction of experience
o Trivial, banal everyday life
Deciding on breakfast (54)
he is thinking about the cat and why its
tongue is rough
he thinks about what he’ll have for
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