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Laura Jane Wey

Lec24 12/8/2012 11:39:00 AM Leopold Bloom : Modern Hero ?  Social stature o Man of humble standing o „outsider” (90-92; 723)  no punctuation  molly is indignant and her husbands behalf  referring the men her husband is with is good for nothing  she sees that it is a good thing that her husband does not buy drinks for the other men  Bloom tries to “get in” with the guys but does not succeed  Masculinity o Reference to his own penis as “languid floating flower” (83)  He envisions his own body floating in the bath  Not very masculine o Wonders if there is “anything more in him [Boylan] that they she sees” (89)  Feels insecure thinking that his wife is cheating with Boylan o Molly‟s claim that he “looked more like a man with his beard a bit grown” (691)  Saying that Bloom looks more masculine when he is not cleanly shaven o Burglar incident (716)  Reflective man interested in many things: o Obsessive interest in numbers: how much profit the pub owner makes (56); how much porter gets sold to make a million pounds (76); etc. o Interest in the sounds and shapes of words: Table: -able. Bed: - ed. (70)  Ex. Ahbeesee defeegee kelomen opeecue rustyouvee double you. Boys are they? Yes. Inishturl [….] o General philosophical reflections: on cycle of life (64; 65), on death (102) Molly Bloom  Note unusual form of Molly‟s capter: total of 8 unpunctuated “paragraphs” in 40 pages o Connect to her “liveliness” o Flows along, full of yearnings for life as she is herself o She has a Penelope figure  Anything but “chaste” o Matter-of-fact about sexual matters (694)  Imagines Bloom‟s penis and how big it is  Not impressed with what Mr. Bloom can do  She has a feminist thought- thinks men get all the pleasure o Likes attention from men; long list of past lovers
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