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lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Laura Jane Wey

Lecture 2 13 09Tuesday September 13 2011312 PMNight and Erebus created Eros Cupid Unknown if sexually or otherwiseGaia earth mother Produces Uranus practically Gaias son Gaia has sexual intercourse with her son UranusFirst rulers of the world Produce 3 offspring monsters essentially 13 hundred handed and 50 headed monsters Locks down under the earthFather wants nothing to do with them 2Cyclopes Monsters as well 312 TitansPrecursors of godsGood looking No longer monsters Gaia gets them to over throw their father brother Cronus the youngest son Takes aand cuts his father or castrates him Marries his sister Rhea Their children Worried of being overthrown by his children Cronus swallows his children Hestia Poseidon Demetre Hades Hera ZeusyoungestRhea feeds a rock to him rather than Zeus Zeus is raised by nymphsand comes back to avenge his father Gives his father a drink to vomit all the older siblings The children fight against their father War between new gods and father Not as successful as their fathers overthrowing Participants in the War between the Titans and the Olympian GodsGodsThe Titans accept Prometheus because he knows its too late for the Titans Gaia Let him who would conquer in the war first set free those imprisoned in TartarusPrometheus decodes the profanic message from one of GaiaswomenThen Zeus knows to release the cyclopes and hundred handedThe CyclopesGood at making weapons The HundredHandedGeographic Layout of the Universe According to Greek MythologyThey drew rocks to know who ruled whatAir and sky ruled by Zeus Mt Olympus coruled by Zeus Poseidon and Hades Earth coruled by Zeus Poseidon and Hades Note only includes dry landSea ruled by PoseidonNote does not include stream that girdles the earth which is ruled by Oceanus Thought of the Atlantic to be a stream that surrounds EuropePoseidon only controlled the Mediterranean Sea Realms under the earth ruled by Hades Cde Souza ENGB30H3 Page 1
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