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Laura Jane Wey

Monday September 24, 2012 Some significant innovation in Shelly's Version of the Myth Prometheus is freed, but not through reconciliation with Jupiter Jupiter falls from power -perhaps most radical change, nowhere else in mythology is depicted as falling from his throne Innovation of the Demogorgon -does NOT originate from Greek mythology -Etymology: "demos" = world/earth; "gorgos" = terrible/that which strikes terror into -In Shelley's work, Demogorgon is described as follows: -Equated with darkness/gloom (1.207;3.2.6) -Self-identifies as "Eternity" (3.1.52) -Self-identifies as the child of Jupiter (3.1.54) -in traditional mythology marries her off rather than court her due to the prophecy of her creating a child more powerful that Zeus Prometheus' sense of personal wrong (suffering/persecution) eclipsed by a greater sense of cosmic wrong -everything is off-kilter -changes are coming over the world -love, power are mismatched and creates a world where nothing is right Celebration of love -role of love -references of how love is what is going to win in the end -not just romantic; also brotherhood -Prometheus is an emblem of love and triumphs over the tyranny of Jupiter -see an envisioning of what would like to see the world being Shelley's Explanation for his Retelling -"Prometheus Unbound"of AEschylus supposed the reconciliation of Jupiter with his victim as the price of the disclosure of the danger threatened to his empire by the consummation of his marriage with Thetis...Had I framed my story on this model, i should have done no more than have attempted to restore the lost drama of AE...But, in truth, I was averse from the catastrophe so feeble as that or reconciling the Champion with the Oppressor of mankind. The moral interest of the fable, which is so powerfully sustained by the sufferings and the endurance of Prometheus, would be annihilated if we could conceive of him as unsaying his high language and quailing before his successful and perfidious adversary.' -did not believe that the hero, Prometheus, should have reconciled with Zeus, who was responsible for his torture -Prometheus never took back what he said, only rose above it and forgave him -Percy Shelly, Preface to Prometheus Unbound Prometheus on his Crag Ted Hughes (1930-1998) Marrried to Sylvia Plath (1956-1963) Poet Laureate of Britain (1984-1998) Prometheus on his Crag -Begins with Prometheus regaining consciousness on his crag; ends with Prometheus easing free" - his only action in the poem -could possibly be waking up after waking up after being nailed -Populated only by Prometheus, birds, vulture and a lizard -no real visitors, only natural landscape -Intense sense of repetition, of circular motion -repetition of "Prometheus on his crag..." -various explicit references to a return to where one began (ex: 1;4;13;15;20) 20: These visions are going around in his mind -reference to Ecclesiastes (6) -many recurring motifs Sun; God; Birds; Earth; Vulture; Birth; Humanness Does not always goes back to the beginning - at the end he somehow manages to ease free by himself -this shows a sense of movement -possible spiral movement (still circular, but moving from Point A to Point B) -Strong focus on Prometheus' internal state Read 2;5;8;10;11;13;16 2: The injury seems to be the blue wedge through his breastbone to hold him fast to the rocks. He accepts it and relaxes in it. He does not allow himself to pray or dream of freedom. No possible other outcome in present, past or future. In accepting the fact that nothing can be done, "The titan feels his strength." Seems as though suggested that Prometheus is born as a man in the end, not a titan. The line could be suggesting that Prometheus' human side could be more powerful than his titan side. 5: Seems that Prometheus is trying to deal with the side of him that is god. Swallows his god side inside of him and clasps it shut. Not a solid resolution - just sweeping it under the rug. This
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