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Laura Jane Wey

Lecture 2 Jay Macpherson, “In the Beginning” Genealogy: from Chaos to Zeus  Chaos (dark and formless void) o Night and erebus (the depth)  Eros  Gaia (Earth)  Uranus (sky/heavens)  Gaia = Uranus (son of Gaia) o 3 hundred-handed and 3 cyclopes and 12 titans  Cronus (titan leader of the 12) = Rhea o Hestia (v), Poseidon, Demeter, Hades, Hera, Zeus o Cronus swallows his kids and takes care of them but Rhea hides Zeus and replaces him with a rock o 6 young gods want power form their father so there is war Participants in the War Between the Titans and the Olympian Gods  The Gods  The Titans  Gaia (“Let him who would conquer in the war first set free those imprisoned in Tartarus”) -> referring to the Cyclopes and the hundred-handed who have not been yet freed  The Cyclopes  The Hundred-Handed o Because the young gods helped free the Cyclopes and the hundred-handed, they help fight alongside the young gods Geographic Layout of the Universe, According to Greek Mythology  Air and sky (ruled by Zeus)  Mt. Olympus (co-ruled by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades)  Earth (co-ruled by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) *note: only includes dry land  Sea (ruled by Poseidon) *note: does not include “stream that girdles the earth,” which is ruled by Oceanus  Realms under the Earth (rules by Hades) Genealofy: The Younger Olympian Gods (Zeus’ kids?) =[Metis] -> Athena (virginal=no children) = Demeter -> Persephone Zeus = Hera -> Ares =Leto -> Apollo; Artemis (virginal=no children) =Maia -> Hermes =[Semele] -> Dionysus Origins of other major gods: Aphrodite (Sea foam; Zeus=Dione; Zeus=Thalassa) Hephaestus (Zeus=Hera; Hera alone) Pan (Zeus, Hermes or Dionysus=a nymph; Cronus) Eros (Chaos; Venus=Mars) Major Deities & Their Spheres of Influence (all gods have two names 1. Greek 2. Latin): Zeus/Jupiter (b) Hera/Juno (g) Poseidon/Neptune (h) Demeter/Ceres (f) Hades/Pluto (a) Hestia/Vesta (e) Ares/Mars (d) -just pure testosterone and war Athena/Minerva (c) -brains in war a. God of the underworld b. God of law & order; protector of travelers & guests c. Warrior goddess; goddess of wisdom & strategy, crafts & skill d. God of war e. Goddess of the hearth (family) f. Goddess of ag
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