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Laura Jane Wey

Lec4_ sept19 Some Important Changes to the Prometheus Story in Aeschylus’s Telling  Focus on a time after the commencement of Prometheus’s punishment rather than before  Emphasis on Zeus’s cruelty  Playing up of Prometheus’s defiance  Alteration of Io’s history to the detriment of Zeus’s image  Addition of the chorus of nymphs and their final conversion (1253-1265) Romanticism  Romanticism places “ an emphasis on feeling, individuality, and passion rather than classical form and order, and typically prefer[s] grandeur, picturesqueness, or naturalness to finish and proportion. Generally opposed to classical.” (OED), “romantic,” adj. 7)  Reaction against Enlightenment belief in scientific rationalism  Heavily influenced by the French Revolution Percy Shelley (1792-1822)  He is against organized religion with a king at the head  He idealistically believe that human beings are “perfect” o If we were to remove the flawed system and let people return to the way it was originally then it would be “perfect” Summary: ACT1  Prometheus chained to Caucusus for “3000 years of sleep- unsheltered hours” (1.12)  Prometheus wishes to hear the curse he placed upon Jupiter long ago (1.52ff)  No entity in this world dares speak the curse (1.130; 1.140; 1.180)  Prometheus conjures the Phantasm of Jupiter; Phantasm repeats the curse (1.272ff) o Phantasm of Jupiter =  Prometheus regrets the curse (1.302ff)  Mercury arrives with the Furies and asks Prometheus to reveal the secret of who shall supplant Jupiter o Mercury is sympat
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