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University of Toronto Scarborough
Laura Jane Wey

Lec13_0ct24 Midterm review:  Hosts give gifts  Cut and cook son and serve to terius  Cutting the lock of purple hair of her brother  Pygmalion believes his prayer to Venus is futile  Pygmalion wants mimickery & good sex,  Drowne; he has good skills but not artistic criteria’s  The Asiatic professor is all of the above to his puppet; puppeteer, guardian, love, etc  Monster kills his freidn in revenge because frankeinstein kills the female friend he is making  Hercules unbounds prometheus  zeus bases his laws based on his personal feelings  Prometheus hears his own curse by dreaming the spirit of jupiter to repeat it to him  The lizard appears only once to offer perspective on prometheus’ experience  Wicked women  According to mrs higgen , the problem of what is to be done with her afterwards  “I am thy creature “ frankeinstein  drowne in wooden image  Pygmalion”aunt dying of influenza”  Rousseau’s Pygmalion ‘she use language of order to make his argument”  Io talk about zeus trying ot woe her Euripides (circa. 480-406 B.C)  One of the three great Athenian tragedians  Won the City Dionysia 4 times during his lifetimes + 1 posthumous award  Known for realistic depiction of characters Heracles  Centers on Heracles’s least glorious deed  Rearranges sequence of events in Heracles’s history  Inserts the characters of Amphitry on and Theseus  Heracles’ return home after *in the play*  He comes to the stage as a “saviour”  Heracles embarks on the twelve labours because he has to serve Eurysteus for killing his wife and two children  Heracles saves Theseus when he is trapped in Hades (of tears) The Characterization of Heracles  Heracles the endurer; his most heroic deeds, the Labors, formulated repeatedly as the labors that he cultured o “Is this that Heracles who endured so much?” (1250) o “Countless were the labours I endured” (1350) o “Oh my weapons, bitter partners of my life” (1377) o “All those labors I endured were less than these”(1411)  Heracles the family man o “What should I defend if not my wife and sons/ and my old father?” (574)  he is changing his orientation  the regrets he shows of protecting his labour; shows that he is more intent of his labours than taking care of his family o “I’ll take your hands and lead you in my wake/ like a ship that tows its little boats behind” (624)  children are terrified because they almost got killed by Thyatira  literally drops his arms and takes the children in his hands  image of comparing himself as a big ship and towing his children by the hand  Heracles the man of piety o “He alone held up the honors of the gods/ when they wilted at the hands of evil men.” (852-853)  even when everyone else falls away, Heracles is the only who h
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