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Laura Jane Wey

Lec14_0ct29 Topic 2)  Creator as in who make that being become  What parts of the creator goes into the relationship o Eliza says how Higgins treats her like a flower girl Topic 3)  Only compare and contrast - come up with a thesis statement with one of the topics and focus on the thesis “Hercules and Dejanira”  Focuses on end of Hercules’s career  Emphasizes the notion that one cannot outrun one’s fate (53; 86; 97) o Dijanira dies from Hercules’ hands  Suggestion that Dejanira’s fears about Iole have little foundation (85-100)  Hercules as: o Hercules as Dignified sufferer (146-164; 198-202; 312- 322)  146; refusing to acknowledge/ denial of feeling pain; doesn’t believe this can happen to him because he is “Hercules”  198; Hercules praying to Juno/Hera; in this intense suffering he still acts in a noble way. And wants a quick, clean end to the suffering  312; his body is on fire; he burns himself o Hercules is defined as a “Performer of labours”  “This soul that has survived, in relentless toil” (201)  when Hercules is praying to Hera  “I never wearied of the labours…” (240-246)  Hercules describes himself  For him suffering and labouring is indistinguishable  “His exploits have earned your admiration… Hercules has earned his reward” (327-331; 345-350)  Hercules is not only portrayed as helping man through labouring but also helped the gods  Exploit: taking advantage of someone; or as a noun = adventure  345; Hercules has earned his reward, by putting in effort + labour Aristophanes: from The Birds Winterson: Weight Aristophanes (circa 445-circa 386 BC)  Greek comic poet  “Father of comedy”  Writer of Old Comedy o “Old Comedy plays are characterized by an exuberant and high- spirited satire of public persons and affairs” (Encyclopaedia Britannica Online) The Birds  Summary of preceding action o Pisthetairos {=Trusty Friend) & Euelpides  Two guys who catch Iris to send the message o Hoopoe/ Tereus  Tereus is badguy who tries to rape his sister but in this story he turns into the “birdman” o Iris (godess of the rainbows)  Gods are hungry so they send her o Prometheus  Brings the bird and allies information  Helps other being besides the gods o The “plenipotentiaries” from the gods  Page 68; depicted as a funny violent character o 7 lines down; The Comic Heracles in The Birds  Unnecessarily violent o “Heracles! What’s your plan of action?” (68)  Gluttonous o “May I/ Ask what sort of meat you’re cooking” (68)  Heracles loves to eat and loves food  Poseidon tries to do what he is sent to do which is make
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