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Laura Jane Wey

Lec15_oct31 Classical Myth – October 31, 2012 Open your paragraphs with a topic sentence. Come up with a thesis statement in response to the essay questions and write the essay about your thesis instead of focusing on the essay question. Hercules and Dejanira Focuses on end of Hercules’s career Emphasizes the notion that one cannot outrun one’s fate (53; 86; 97) Suggestion that Dejanira’s fears about Iole having little foundation (85-100) Hercules as: - dignified sufferer (146-164; 198-202; 312-322) - performer of labours ^”This soul that has survived, in relentless toil” (201) ^”I never wearied of the labours…” (240-246) ^”His exploits have earned your admiration…Hercules has earned his reward” (327-331; 345- 350) -suffering and labouring are indecipherable to Hercules -exploit = adventure/ grand deeds or labours Aristophanes: from The Birds and Winterson: Weight Aristophanes (circa 445- circa 386 BC) Greek comic poet “Father of comedy” Writer of Old Comedy ^ “Old Comedy plays are characterized by an exuberant and high- spirited satire of public persons and affairs” (Encyclopaedia Britannica Online) The Birds Summary of preceding action ^ Pisthetairos ( = Trusty friend) and Euelpides ^Hoopoe/ Tereus ^ Iris ^Prometheus ^The “plenipotentiaries” from the gods At the beginning of the story, two friends got bored of living on Earth so they convinced the birds to create a land in the sky called “Cloud Cuckoo land”. Building a land in the sky means that the humans don’t have to offer the gods sacrifices anymore. Also, it will cease all communication from Cloud Cuckoo land and earth. The Comic Heracles in The Birds Unnecessarily violent -“Heracles! What’s your plan of action?” (68) Gluttonous - “May I/ Ask what sort of meat you’re cooking?” (68) -“Your stomach votes…” (69) Stupid -“Good god, are you such a fool…” (70-71) The Heracles in The Birds is obsessed with eating and is always thinking of the ne
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