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Laura Jane Wey

Lec17_Nov7 Alcestis (438 BCE)  Summary of preceding action  Question of the genre of Alcestis o (Comedy? Modified satyr play? Tragicomedy?)  Figure of Admetus o Man whose wife dies on his behalf  Pheres’s speech (675-705)  “Look at the man, disgracefully alive…” (954-961) o Man whose dedication to xenia is absolutely beyond reproach  “He revered my sacred rights sacredly” (11-12)  “If I had driven from my city and house the guest and friend who came to me…” (553-567) - before the reading:  she makes him promise that he doesn’t remarry if she dies instead of him  she thinks that stepmoms are aweful o out of consideration for her children instead of her own feelings  the play ends with : o a wife dying in his stand is the story o ends with, Alcestis dead but then comes back - in tragedy you have a protagonist that is virtuous that has one flaw that brings the character down - he allows his wife to die in his stand but he has one virtue  one great virtue: extreme careful observation of how one should treat a guest under his roof o this is one tragedy Heracles  Servant’s complaints about Heracles (747-772) o  Heracles’s philosophy of life (circa 773-803)  Remorse at “uncouth” behaviour (circa 821-834)  Plan to repay Admetus (837-860) Te Theme of Concealment in Alcestis  Admetus’s concealment of Alcestis’s identity to Heracles (518) o His reasons for doing so (553)  Heracles’s concealment of Alcestis;s identity to Admetus (1028-;1072-) - o His (possible) reasons for doing so: “This was wrong, wrong I tell you, to have treated me thus” (1008-) “Be just” (1148) T.S. Eliot, The Cocktail Party  (1888-1965)  American/ English Mdernist poet o Modernism: “Any of various movements in art, architecture, literature, etc., generally characterized by a deliberate break with c
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