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Laura Jane Wey

Lec19_nov14 Macpherson, “The Tale of Troy” Main Source of Tales of the Trojan War  The Iliad (=matter of Ilion)  The Odyssey (= matter of Odysseus) o Epic poems compiled from earlier oral literature (not novel, or poem, or story, etc) o Each comprise of 24 “books” (divisions not necessarily original) th o Homer: 8 century BCE (?); tradition of Homer as blind wandering bard o The Iliad generally accepted as the oldest literary work in Western history The Trojan War: Before  Eris’s Golden Apple: “For the fairest” o Eris: goddess of discord & chaos; born of Nyx  Was not invited to the wedding so threw disorder/ tantrum o Father can’t choose who to give the apple to so he tells Hera, Athene and Aphrodite to go to Paris to let him choose who the apple should go to o Paris’s judgement of the three goddesses  Hera: power and honour  Athene: victory in war  Aphrodite: Helen of Sparta (the most beautiful lady in the world) – but she is already married -  All three scrambled for the golden apple  Paris chooses the most beautiful girl in the world so he chooses Aphrodite and gives the apple to her  The rape of Helen o The allegiance sworn by Helen’s ex-suitors  The sacrifice of Ophigeneia o Story of the House of Atreus - Everyone has to go into war for several years because Helen being so beautiful tried to get her as their wife so they agreed to support Menelaus, so no one can get her before Menelaus Family three of the House of Atreus (suppose to have a curse on this house because Atreus’s father was an evil man The Trojan War: The Key Payers Greeks: Trojans: The Olympians: Agamenmnon Hector: equivilant to Champions of the greek Achilles; one of Trojans: Aphrodite; 50 sons and 50 Apollo; Artemis ; daughter -Aphrodite offered Helen and caused the problem Menelaus Priam Champions of the Greeks: Athene; Hera; Poseidon - against whatever side Paris is on because he gave the apple to Aphrodite Achilles Hecabe/ Hecuba - Zeus is supposed to be neutral but slighty favours the Trojans - God don’t have control over the events Odysseus Paris: faithful figure who judge 3 godess for beauty; also a prince of troy; brought down the fall of troy Ajax: not too smart, Cassandra: princess, all about war sister of hectar; she is a good oracle but with an curse put upon her, no one believes what she says. Apollo was the one who gave her the gift of prophesying very well but then she doesn’t give in to him so he curses her. Nestor: there as a kind of advisor, to give leaders the best approach to war The Trojan War: During  The Wrath of Achilles o Quarrel with Agamemnon over Briseis  Quarrel over a girl (Trojan captive); took the girl away from Achilles so Achilles refuses to fight; “went on a strike” o Patroclus’s death
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