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University of Toronto Scarborough
Laura Jane Wey

Lec20_Nov19 Homer (8 th–century BC?)  Epic p The Odyssey: Literary Form  Written in dactylic hexameter o Dactyl  Greek: Long syllable followed by two short syllables  English : Stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables (eg. “simile”; “horrible”; buffalo”; “Odyssey”)  Formulaic expressions o Homeric epithet  Gray-eyed Athene  Circumspect Penelope  Resourceful Odysseus  Wine-blue sea  Winged words  Type scenes o Battle scenes (most prominent in Iliad; visible in fight with suitors 323) o Hospitality scenes (30) The Odyssey: Outline  Narrative begins in the 10 thyear of Odysseus’ wanderings  Opens with 4 books focusing on Telemachus, often referred to as the Telemachy  Books 5-12 cover Odysseus’s journey from Troy back home to Ithaca o Book 9-12, narrated by Odysseus himself to his audience, Kin Alkinoos and his court, contains nearly all the trials and tribulations he undergoes in the previous 9+ years  Second half of the epic (Books 13-24) describes Odysseus’s homecoming, his revenge upon the suitors, and the aftermath The Journey of Odysseys  Kikonians  Lotus Eaters o When you eat the lotus it makes you dreamy and forgetful o Forget all their goals and want to stay and eat more lotuses  Cyclops o Page. 140; p. 105 book 9 o  Aiolus  Laistrygones  Circe o She is a witch that turns people into animals o Turns odysseus’ men into pigs because she believes that a pig’s what suits them o Medea’s aunt  Underworld  Sirens  Skylla and Charybdis  Cattle of Helios o They are not supposed to touch the cattle of the
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