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Lec2_Jan9 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (and the romance) Introduction  Chaucer, chivalry “bob” and “wheel” on many broad hillsides settles Britain with delight; = BOB Where war and grief and wonder = WHEEL Have visited by turns And often joy and turmoil Have alternated since. (14-19) Key issues in Part I  What is the effect of beginning with Troy? - they are the heirs to Greek civilization  How is Arthur’s court presented initially? - noble and fine  What do we make of Arthur’s ritual of not feasting till he’s been told a marvelous story or a knight has demanded a duel? What are the implications for considering the genre of the romance? - King Arthur seems boyish; playish. He has a desire for entertainment - the ritual, of not feasting until a story or duel, is very extreme - fantasy or a fight; medieval marvelous is normally a fighting marvelous How is the Green Knight presented, and what are the implications?  Page 9; enormous stature, almost giant-like o Extrthely well-adorned o 14 century fashion, most beautiful clothing, elegant, o line 179  don’t know green knight’s motivations at first, which leads to adventure  he is a worthy opponent, marvel of the same standing of the court and king Arthur  he is challenging their reputation and their very history  what
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